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Teenage Dreams

When I was a teenager you were more popular than me, but I had a rich interior life. So I wrote about it on Parabasis.

New (old) Haven

Thanks to the very nice people at Page 73 I got to spend a week in July back in New Haven working on my play PARTNERS with David F. Chapman, Michael Walkup, and our lovely Yale School of Drama cast. The strangest part was that I would completely relax into rehearsing in my old classroom space, accustom [...]


Sometimes in the midst of an ordinary day writing plays, you get a phone call. And at the best of times, it’s an unexpected phone call with good news. And, very occasionally, it’s a couple of fairy godmothers calling up to say that they like your plays and would you like to spend the weekend [...]

So I saw this movie called “Brave”

And, basically, I think it’s just about the greatest (and most feminist) thing since sliced cake.* Here’s an essay I wrote about it for Isaac Butler’s lovely theater-and-other-stuff blog Parabasis: “The Brave-ry of Keeping Mom Alive” If you have ever been or known or hung around a mother and/or a daughter, I would suggest seeing [...]

Mommune Workshop

Just because I coordinate everything I do with our nation’s print media . . .  I began a two-week, partially site-specific workshop of MOMMUNE with the fabulous Chalk Rep, as this having-it-all story claims the cover of The Atlantic. (not to be confused with the big kid breastfeeding story on the cover of TIME. That [...]

Somebody in Kansas Loves Me

If you find yourself in Chicago between now and June 30, check out my short play SOMEBODY IN KANSAS LOVES ME, at Live Wire Theatre’s VisionFest. It’s a pretty neat thing where they pick two paintings as prompts and then you write a 10-minute play in response to one of them. Two warnings. One: there [...]

Status Update: Cast

See? Get it? It’s like a double-entendre of sorts, because the play is called STATUS UPDATE, but also this post is itself a Status Update and, anyway . . . The point is that is Ms. Becca Wolff and I were just up in somewhat alarmingly lovely Walnut Creek, CA to cast my play STATUS [...]

Haters are going to hate

Larry Pontius asked me to write for his lovely blog, and I decided to talk about How Not to Hate Everybody in 3 easy steps. This is all true, by the way. Also, the steps aren’t so easy.

Mommune reading in NYC

One night only . . . I will be in New York (very briefly) for a reading of Mommune as part of the AracaWorks series, held at Ars Nova. More details coming soon, but it will be Tuesday, May 22 at 7:30pm directed by Rebecca Taichman and held at  511 West 54th Street Very excited to [...]

Partners, it’s timely

This weekend, in case you can’t stop thinking about the issue of gay marriage, my play Partners is having a reading as part of the Playwrights Union Annual Readings Festival, which follows on the heels on the Playwrights Union Annual Writing Challenge, in which we write plays over the course of February. The play is [...]