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The 100

I’ve been a staff writer for the past year on an awesome new CW show called The 100. It’s set 97 years after a nuclear war has destroyed civilization, when a spaceship housing humanity’s lone survivors sends 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth in hopes of possibly re-populating the planet. And it premieres in 1 week.

Here is the heart-pounding trailer.

And here is an article my mom just sent me about the feminist project of teen girl dystopian fiction (The 100′s main character is a young woman) Go Mom.

A little more Partners

We opened! And our wonderful cast was wonderful! And our wonderful director was wonderful! And our wonderful dramaturg did indeed find me something to wear.

Marty Rosen at LEO Weekly, Louisville’s alt weekly paper, reviewed it. Read the whole thing to hear about our actors and designers, but here’s the part about the play:

“At one level, Fortenberry’s script is a marvel of quotable one-liners and deliciously funny allusions, but it’s also a work of tough-minded, character-driven logic that never panders to clichés or resorts to magical thinking. Lila Neugebauer’s directing follows the same path.”

Dude. That’s exactly what we were aiming for. And it is so gratifying to read that our work worked.


Oh my goodness.

The Actors Theatre of Louisville is producing Partners as part of their Humana Festival of New American Plays, and I am extremely excited and nervous and not doing a very good job of thinking clearly about anything except finding a dress to wear to the opening. (Actually, my wonderful dramaturg, Kimberly Colburn, has decided that is part of her responsibility and is taking me shopping. Dramaturgs, they are the best.)

Anyway, this has been a wonderful and crazy month in Louisville away from LA and family where I have gotten to experience things like snow and rain and sleeping late and bourbon and trust.

And here is the First Look from ATL

An interview I did with the local NPR station

Another interview I did with the Courier Journal


If it appears in Deadline, it must be true. So happy to finally announce that I am working with Ry Russo-Young on Witch Hunt for Bravo.

Pick of the Week

Woot! Mommune is LA Weekly’s Pick of the Week this week.

And we also got this great review in the LA Stage Times.

This weekend is sold out, next weekend is sold out-ish, so buy tickets soon.

Mommune on stage!

You guys, you guys, Chalk Rep, which has been brilliantly and patiently developing my play Mommune for the last year and a half is now producing it at the Pint Size Learning Center. The good news is that no one has anything new to say about women and parenting and the world, or anything, so it’s totally not relevant. I wrote a first-person account for LA Stage Times about the play and why I wrote it  and collaborating with Larissa Kokernot and Amy Ellenberger and why I can’t stop watching Toddlers and Tiaras and my I hate mommy blogs.

Partners in Chi-town

People of Chicago, my complex feelings about marriage and I are coming your way. The fantastic LiveWire Theatre, who I worked with last summer on VisionFest, is presenting a reading of my play Partners,  on Monday January 28th at the Black Duck. Come and hear all about gay marriage and “regular” marriage and money and sex. In related news, I am packing for a trip to Chicago in January and have realized that all of my shirts have 3/4 length sleeves.

The WB

Most of my time is dedicated to talking about TV or reading about  TV and if you’ve been in a conversation recently with me I may have mentioned TV so it’s not a surprise that I take television seriously. And, with some baby steps, television is starting to return the favor. I’m in the Warner Brothers Writers’ Workshop  this year, and I will be busting my medium-sized behind to learn everything I can from people who know way more than me. I may or may not think of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot every time I see the Warner Bros. water tower.

Status Update at Center Rep

After readings and workshops and auditions and rehearsals, Status Update is open at Center Rep! Many thanks to Becca Wolff  and the whole Center Rep crew for bringing this crazy tale of singing cats and adultery to life. Here’s the review from the San Jose Mercury News: “hilariously explores madness of Internet obsession” indeed.

Gratitude Part 2

So pumped and still fairly stunned that I can announce this:

I am honored and excited to be a commissioned artist at Yale Rep and straight-up crazy humbled by the company I’m in.

Time to get to work.