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Partners, it’s timely

This weekend, in case you can’t stop thinking about the issue of gay marriage, my play Partners is having a reading as part of the Playwrights Union Annual Readings Festival, which follows on the heels on the Playwrights Union Annual Writing Challenge, in which we write plays over the course of February.

The play is about marriage (gay and straight), about money, about sex, and about, as the blurb puts it “how much of what we have do we owe to those we love?” I don’t have any particularly clear answers to these questions, but I’m having a lot of fun with Carissa Kosta, Gregory Linnington, Matt McCray, and Corey Johnson trying to figure them out.

The reading is Sunday, May 13 at 3:15pm at the Actors’ Gang in Culver City. I’m directing (!?) and would love to see you there. It’s Mother’s Day . . . come question the entire nature of romantic commitment.

Up for the lead in “The Gypsy Lover”

If you, like me, spent much of your early life watching The Producers (yes, original movie version, no, not the musical, yes, I’ll say the same thing about Hairspray, too, get off my lawn) you may recall a moment when a man auditioning for Springtime for Hitler¬†introduces himself: “I was the lead tenor of the Albuquerque Opera Company for the last two seasons. I just finished the road tour of Lilac Time, and last season I was up for the lead in the Broadway production of The Gypsy Lover.” To which he is asked, “What happened?” And responds, “I didn’t get it.”

It is with a similar heart that I share the news that a play that I wrote was, yet again, a Finalist for the O’Neill National Playwrights Conference. Last year it was Status Update, this year, it is Mommune. I have it on good authority that it’s rare to be a Finalist two years in a row, with two different plays, so that is a comfort. More of a comfort however, is that the guy who played Roger DeBris in The Producers¬†was also Mr. Belvedere. That’s amazing, and that tidbit is my gift to you all.

Species at IAMA

Species Native to California reading at the very cool IAMA Theater Company, whose new Artistic Director, Becca Wolff, you may have seen mentioned once or twice around these parts. Sunday, March 18 at 7pm featuring: Graham Sibley, Margaux Susi, Laura Holloway, Yetta Gottesman, Phillip A. Garcia, Ned van Zandt, and Katie Lowes.

More about me than you probably want to know

In which I am interviewed by the lovely Adam Szymkowicz on his blog, and in which the soulful glances heretofore found in Waverly, Alabama are approximated in my own backyard.

Here is the interview. I curse a little. But only a little. Mom.

MacDowell Colony

Back from 2 amazing weeks at the MacDowell Colony in New Hampshire, where I worked on a new play called Partners, met rad artists from around the world, tried not be intimidated by sitting next to Lewis Hyde at breakfast, and slept. The sleep was very nice. Also, I learned that I really can’t yet light a decent fire, but I really appreciate it when others do.

Reading of “Species” in Winterfest

Species Native to California, the extremely large play that could, has another reading in LA, this time at EST-LA’s Winterfest. Check it out! (The theater is 4 blocks from my house. I can bike to rehearsal. This is a dream.)

Ashland, land of clogs

Just got home from participating in the Black Swan Lab at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Got to meet lots of wonderful people and jump into a new, new play. Did I mention it’s new? It’s very new.

Hope that all the playwrights who are still there are having a ball and, just as a word to the wise, if you ever need to buy a pair of clogs, may I suggest Ashland, OR? I would put the ratio at something like 1 clog store for every 10 residents. Clogs upon clogs.

Also, it’s fall there, and gorgeous, with the leaves and the hot apple cider and everything. Damn, I love fall.

Good news

Several pieces of good news. Feeling thankful.

I’m one of five winners of the 2011 Helen Merrill Award.

My play Large as Life and Twice as Natural: A Status Update with Songs was a Finalist for the 2011 O’Neill Playwrights Conference

I’m a Semi-Finalist for the P73 Fellowship.

Keep chugging, Fortenberry.

Species Native to California (this time in California)

Two readings this week of my play Species Native to California. On Sunday, a “GreenRead” at Theatricum Botanicum in their gorgeous tree house of a theater, and on Tuesday, a Beach=Culture presentation at the Annenberg Beach House, on the ocean during sunset.

Both will be directed by Becca Wolff and feature: Ned Van Zandt, Monica Sanchez, Ella Martin, Graco Hernandez, Sarah McCarron, Alex Knox, Richard Azurdia, and Denise Blasor.

Since it’s a play that takes place entirely outside, I’m excited to see it in two different, equally Californian, locales. Bring your own grapes.



More writing (and riding) elsewhere

It’s not a play, but an essay I wrote won the Real Simple Life Lessons Contest! Here’s the essay — it’s about learning to ride a bicycle (and some other stuff like grief). I’m excited about having the essay published and also pretty stoked for Real Simple to send me (I hope, I hope) to The Book of Mormon.